Hello! I'm Tula and I photograph and style people, places, and things.

I grew up in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles and attended the same high school where they shot Van Halen's music video "Hot For Teacher." I would like to say this inspired my love of film and photography, but that would be untrue. I actually became obsessed with photography at the age of ten when my mom built a darkroom in our garage. Dipping papers from bath to bath and watching photographs develop under a sea of chemicals was better than anything on TV.

I traveled up the coast for college and I received my bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz with an emphasis in Women in Film and Media. 

My freelance work includes styling and photographing campaigns for beauty products, accessories, and home decor retailers. Clients include:, As Of Now, Munchery, and Schuyler Samperton. I also created the design blog, Whorange, which celebrates unique interiors, independent art, and an obsession for all things vintage.

My photographs have appeared in the pages of House Beautiful, The Los Angeles Times, and Luxe Magazine. My photographs have also been featured on The Cut, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, racked, Redbook, Seventeen, and Refinery29.

When I'm not behind my camera or computer, I can be found thrifting with my girlfriends, dragging myself to yoga, and exploring this strange city of Los Angeles with my husband, Steve.

My favorite color is sparkly.

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